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Please manage yourself well.
Most importantly, find good colleagues who will turn into friends for life.
– They will push you back up when you are too exhausted to attempt to insert the branula for the 6th time on the same baby.
– They will help and teach you how to insert central venous line at 11pm when you’re supposed to be on your way home but patient desaturated.
– They will jump on the bed to rotate turns performing CPR because you the scrawny 42kg houseman would be tired after 2 minutes of doing it on a 150kg man.

I’ve met them.
Hazurreen Harryzan Naufal Noor Shahrul Lokman Aliff RashidiFatin Fatin Nabila Yazid Rebecca Louis Christina Louis Peter Tok Nurul Adiba
and basically the HSA clan lah. hehe



and there are things even the booksmart HO cannot manage well without experience.

How to resuscitate patients
How to perform Rays amputation
How to do the correct backslabs
How to insert chest tubes

If patient collapses at 10.02pm and you ask the Nurse to call the oncall houseman instead and let him do everything, then you’re wasting precious opportunities to learn new things and sharpen your skills.

No, I am not gonna say ‘During my time….’ but instead, I will say…Buck Up and be ready to approach your colleagues/superiors if you need help. It’s a 2 year bottle-neck path in your career which InshaAllah will be better.

If it doesn’t then, change your environment!

Doctors are Soldiers! published in The Star


I Wish You Enough.

I want you to have a life filled with just enough good things to sustain you.

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how gray the day may appear.
I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more.
I wish you enough pain so that even the smallest joys in life may appear bigger.
I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I wish you enough loss to appreciate all the things that you posses.
I wish you enough Hellos to get you through the final Goodbye.

I wish you enough.


Community Reintegration Programme 2016 – OKU

Last Thursday (29/12/16), we took a group of disabled (OKU) patients on an outing to KLCC – Petrosains & Skybridge.
This outing has been made possible by a few generous donors, major thanks to them! 🙂

I would like to thank Petrosains – The Discovery Centre and Skybridge Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC for providing us such professional service to assist a group of wheelchair-bound patients. Not to mention Suria KLCC management team, Serene & Mr Mustafa (Security Supervisor in charge of that day) for helping us through reserving our lunch table at the KLCC Signature Food Court and also escorted us to get to our intended destinations in KLCC.
The concourse elevators are undergoing renovation so we had to use the side elevators instead.

Both Petrosains and Skybridge are wheelchair accessible but it is recommended that you place a booking for your group. It is FOC for Petrosains if you provide your OKU card whilst for Skybridge you get a 50% off the normal rate for MyKad. Everything went smoothly although the Surau did get a little crowded during lunch hour for our OKU friends.

We took the public transportation from KLCC back to our hospital.
KLCC – KL Sentral (LRT) : OKU 50% off
KL Sentral – Sg Buloh (KTM) : OKU 50% off
Sg Buloh – hospital (RapidKL bus) : FREE

All these stations are wheelchair accessible – they have elevators to get to the platforms (all the new MRT stations are too!). It is worth noting that for KTM coaches, there is a small raised platform of about 2 inches when you try to get on the train (either you can get someone to help you get on the train, or you have to tilt your wheelchair in). For LRT coaches, the platform and coaches are of the same level.

As for the new MRT feeder buses, each bus comes with a platform for wheelchairs. You need to get the bus to park close enough to the curb so they can open up the platform for you.
We managed to fit 2 wheelchairs and one stroller into one MRTMalaysia feeder bus. Very comfortable and spacious, complete with CCTV monitoring. The challenge is for the driver to stop the bus close enough to the curb for the wheelchairs to get off the bus. Sometimes, the public tend to park their motorbikes and cars at the bus station and hence it causes major inconveniences for wheelchairs to get off the bus. ** Some bus stops also have no ramps for wheelchairs (Maybe something to improve in the future?) and this is important especially at bus stops near the hospitals.

Anyway, it was a successful outing and we hope that our special friends had a taste of being independent individuals. It is possible with more facilities being provided for them.

Thank you for reading!

*photos used with permission from patients and family members. They would like to extend their gratitude to the donors as well 😀

Fatburger Malaysia (Citta Mall)

I was at Citta Mall branch earlier today and the waiter just told me that there is no such thing as Daily Deal for now when it has already been widely advertised over twitter and FB. The staffs told me that they are not aware of the deal.

How can you advertise and not send the memo to your staff???? A few other things I would like to comment:
1. Appetizer arrived after the main meal
2. Burger is not as what is pictured on the ad, looks small and flat. Very disappointing.
3. The chicken wings are terribly salty and not spicy at all (we ordered SCORCHING).
4. The burger patties were dry and not as good as expected from ‘Australian beef’.
5. Repeatedly told the waiter to check with their boss regarding the deal but they did not get back to me until I got up to get my bill. Instead, she kept telling me that the deal is not on yet.
6. The fries seemed overfried? or it has been re-fried?
7. No manager onsite and I was told that the manager will only arrive after 5pm (on a Sunday)
8. Table was not properly cleaned when I could see that there was only another table being occupied at the restaurant. The staffs were just walking around.
9. One of the staffs were walking back and forth behind the counter swinging a piece of cheese in his hand while walking and in another ungloved hand he was doing other things. Not sure if this is the culture for this burger chain from USA or it’s lack of training of the staffs.
10. Overpriced for such a lousy burger and fries. It’s like eating an overpriced McDonalds when my expectation was clearly higher than that.

I’ve had such a bad experience that I would not recommend anyone to eat there again if they are looking for premium burgers. I feel like I have wasted my money. I did not even finish my burger and fries.

*didn’t realize that I failed to publish this post. so although this happened 4 months ago, please be careful with this franchise.

3 Steps on How to travel for 27 days (without using unpaid leave) after housemanship in Malaysia.

3 Steps on How to travel for 27 days (without using unpaid leave) after housemanship in Malaysia.

I have been wanting to share this for quite some time as I believe a lot of House Officers don’t know how to make the most out of this. This is how I got through 2 years of Housemanship, the thought of backpacking for a month once I’ve done and dusted my housemanship.

Sabar, baca perlahan-lahan.

Housemanship consists of 6 postings of which will take 2 years (provided that you dont get extended). For each year you get 25 days of leave..this will be spread out over 3 postings a year, which will give you 8+8+9 days a year. Now, most hospitals/departments will force you to finish your leaves by the end of the postings because your are not ‘allowed’ to carry forward your leaves. While most of us are happy to finish the leaves and go traveling every 4 months to ‘destress’, I on the other hand found difficulties traveling for a week, because usually you will have to allocate 2 days for the trip to and from the destination (if you’re traveling in Southeast Asia, this is negligible). I traveled to Danau Toba once during HOship. It was awesome. 5 days with my HO friend. But if you want the hardcore type of traveling, read on.

Samosir Island

Samosir Island on Lake Toba by yours truly.


What they failed to explain clearly was that you may not carry forward your leaves to the next posting but you may carry forward it to your MOship. So that’s what I did. Also, plus point of using your leaves when you’re already an MO, your weekend is not counted as leave (during your HOship, your weekends are counted as leaves). So this is the breakdown:

Leave as a HO: 7 days leave will be for eg: Monday till Sunday

Leave as an MO: 7 days leave will be for eg: Monday till Friday, Saturday & Sunday wont be counted, and then Monday till Tuesday.

So as an MO, for 7 days leave, you actually will get 9 days as you can deduct the weekends.

Usually doctors do not question this matter but since I’m the type who travels by backpacking, I need at least 2 weeks to travel. I am bad at city hopping (ie. london-paris-milan-tokyo in 2 weeks) so that takes up even more time. So I saved up most of my leaves till I have completed housemanship.

And you might be asking me why wait until after HOship and before I enter a new department as an MO?


  1. During HOship : Difficult to get long leave (depending on your department and HOD), also, you’re kinda broke…haha
  2. During ‘floating MOship’ (while awaiting for final transfer to a different hospital/state): You are not tied to any specific department, hence you do not affect the duty roster of that particular department. You’re sort of like a vagabond. haha.


1. Check how many days of leave you have left with the office & fill in the leave forms 1 month before you finish HOship

I started filling in the forms about 1 month before I finish housemanship. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS AT THE 11th HOUR! As i applied for my leave as a ‘floating MO’ (I wasnt assigned to any department yet), if I remember correctly, my leave form was signed by the Pengarah Hospital instead of the usual HOD/Specialist in charge of HO.

If you take your leave for more than 27 or 28 days, i cant remember correctly, your Elaun Kritikal (Critical Allowance) will not be given but you will still get the rest of your salary.

2. Forms to be filled include : Leave form & travel insurance form

Another reason of why you should apply for it minimum a month before your travels, is because you have to inform the government that you’re traveling abroad (have to fill in a form) and to apply for government insurance (i was told that gov staff get 1x travel insurance/year but some beg to differ. pls check with your employer). The default policy will be classic policy but I decided to upgrade to VIP plan as I planned to travel alone in some parts of my trip.

Here is an example of the policy:



3. Do not screw up your last posting! Pass up your logbook right after your final assessment.

Do not approach your specialist in the last week of your posting. Try to set up the assessment date minimum 2 weeks earlier (they are not always going to be around) or else your travel plans might get screwed. The only thing that I had to do during my last week of my HOship was to print out flight tickets/accommodation bookings and well of course, hang out with friends. Also, request for night shift the 2nd last day of your HOship because you then get almost the whole day off (one bonus day) :p

Last Day

Pretty simple and straightforward right?

It’s your choice, to travel every few months to nearby countries, or to travel once a year (or every 2 years) but you get to do everything within that period.

Rest, recuperate and re-motivate yourself for your MOship.

*Disclaimer: This was what I did. It may or may not work for you but you may try this method. As far as I was aware in 2014, this method is allowed, though might be frowned upon.

Work hard, Travel hard!

Kuala Lumpur to Ko Samui under RM500 (700 but we splurged a lil)

Kuala Lumpur to Ko Samui under RM500 (700 but we splurged a lil)

+ For English version, pls scroll down +

Video made by my travel buddy : Shahrul of http://mystoryisonlifetimes.blogspot.my/

Kami berenam adalah rakan sekerja sewaktu Housemanship in Johor Bahru. Ini kali pertama saya bercuti dalam kumpulan besar (lebih dari 2 orang). So, kalau nak bercuti dengan kurang RM500 ke Ko Samui, harap2 tips ni dapat membantu.

1. Tempah tiket penerbangan murah  – RM150 pergi balik dengan Air Asia, tempahan 2bulan lebih awal. Sebab ada kawan dari Sabah turut serta.


2. Tempah ‘transfer’ dari SuratThani Airport ke pintu hotel

Phantip Travel monopoli bahagian ni. Ada kaunter betul2 depan pintu ketibaan. Pergi balik kos 1100THB. IMG_1277



SuratThani Airport – ke Donsak Pier dengan bas (1.5jam) – ke Ko Samui dengan feri (1.5jam) – ke hotel dengan van (15-20mins)



Bas agak selesa, feri besar (kurang goyang) dan pemanduan yang mantap (sebab tak muntah).

3. Tempah penginapan murah

Chaeweng Beach (kawasan paling sibuk di Ko Samui): Chaeweng Relax Resort – RM110/semalam untuk bilik 3 orang. Tempah melalui Hotels.com untuk dapat percuma satu point untuk setiap malam yang ditempah



Lamai Beach (kawasan kurang sibuk banding Chaeweng): Lazy Day Samui Beach Resort – rm170/bilik utk 2 orang. Percuma sarapan pagi yang agak best sebab boleh makan betul2 tepi pantai. Matahari terbit pun boleh tengok dari kafe dia.





4. Sewa motorsikal murah

Sewa scooter automatik 100-150THB bergantung pada sewa berapa motor dan keadaan motor. Minyak sebotol 40thb, 3 botol 100thb. Isi sebotol tak naik pun meter. Isi 2 botol baru naik sikit.



5. Tempah ‘tour’ ke pulau secara berkumpulan

Koh Samui ke Koh Phangan dalam 1500THB (kalau tak tawar, 1600-1800).

Pakej termasuk naik bot 1.5jam pergi, 1.5jam balik, barang2 snorkeling, insurans, sarapan pagi dan makan tengahari.

Koh Samui ke Ang Thong National Marine Park – 1800THB tapi kami tak pergi sebab masih pening2 lalat dari naik bot dalam lautan bergelora. haha.



6. Makan di restoran yang bukan terletak di jalan2 utama.

Masuk kampung Muslim dia Hua Thanon dan semua makanan halal. Mereka bercakap bahasa Melayu Kelantan.

Makan malam yang ada ikan segar, udang/sotong, telur, 2 jenis sayur dan air minum – sorang dalam 200thb.

Sedap sampai datang balik malam kedua nak makan ketam tapi lupa pre-order so tak dapat merasa ketam segar.



*Restoran halal yang sedap gak nama dia Fareast Restaurant. Jangan sesekali percaya restoran makanan India-Thai sebab memang tak sedap langsung! Mahal pulak tu!

Jumlah: RM700 tapi sebab mengada tempah resort feeling2 Mediterranean untuk 2 malam terakhir. Kalau nak murah, duduk tempat hostel/backpacker pun ok, mungkin boleh kurangkan kos jadi RM500 ke bawah je.

  • Bulan Disember tak digalakkan sebab bergantung pada nasib, kalau hujan dah reda. Tapi sebab nak tiket murah..jadi….




This is a short guide on how to travel for cheap to Ko Samui from Kuala Lumpur.

We traveled in a group of 6 friends.

  1. Book cheap flight tickets – RM 150 all in return by AirAsia, prebooked 2 months early.


2. Book all-in-transportation from SuratThani Airport to your hotel

Phantip Travel opens their booth at the airport and you pay 1100THB for return trip to the airport which consisted of: Airport – to Donsak Pier by bus (1.5hours) – to Koh Samui by ferry (1.5hours) – to your hotel (15-20mins).




DCIM100GOPROGOPR7646.Comfortable ride and the bus drivers were not reckless. Bonus points!

     3. Book cheap accommodations 

For Chaeweng (busiest part of Ko Samui):

I booked via Hotels.com for Chaeweng Relax Resort – roughly rm110 for triple room

*you can collect free token for every one night stay if you book via Hotels.com



For Lamai (less busy than Chaeweng):

I booked via Agoda (with a 65% discount on the chalets) for Lazy Day Samui Beach Resort – roughly rm170 for double room with free breakfast (its awesome and they even packed your breakfast if you have to check out early)





4. Book cheap motorbikes & explore on your own

Generally rental for a scooter (automatic) goes for 150thb/24hours but I heard you can get as low as 100thb depending on how many bikes and the condition of the bikes. One bottle of gasoline is 40thb, 3 bottles 100thb. If you fill in one bottle, the meter didnt even budge. :p



5. Book island tours as a group

Ko Samui – Ko Phangan costs 1500thb/pax for a group of 6, but it can cost 1600-1800thb if you dont bargain. Yes, coz I’m a cheapo like that.

Trip includes a 1.5hr boat ride each way, snorkelling gears, light breakfast, lunch and insurance.

Ko Samui – Ang Thong National Marine Park : 1800thb/pax but we didnt go on the 2nd day coz half of us gotten seasick real bad due to the rough waves. I puked >5times and I took Stemetil (motion sickness pill).

Yeah I’m weak. Dont judge me.



6. Eat at local restaurants, away from the main streets.

We traveled to the Muslim Village at Hua Thanon for our halal dinner.

A dinner of one fresh fish, squids/prawns, egg, vegetables x2 and a drink costs about 200thb. Cheap!

We returned to eat at the same restaurant on the second evening.

*Pls tell them if you want crabs because we assumed that they’ll have it but apparently you have to pre-book them!



*Another halal restaurant that we went to: Fareast Restaurant. The cook doesn’t speak English very well but food was nice! Also don’t trust Halal Indian-Thai restaurants. Food sucked!

Total cost: RM700 plus minus (simply because I chose to book a better resort for our last two nights there). You can get away with less than RM500 if you really save your cash.

Btw, December is a risky month to go because sometimes the rain havent fully cleared yet. 🙂 but we wanted the cheap tix, so…..

Other things that we did:

  1. Banana Nutella/Choc Pancake – 50THB



2. Lamai Night Market for souvenirs (Chaeweng has bigger market)IMG_1080

3. Grandfather Rock


4. The Mummified Monk (very well preserved Monk wearing sunglass)IMG_1151

5. Fisherman’s Wharf – pretty hipster place



Just a short guide on visiting your cat/dog at KLIA.

1. Waze – KLIA QUARANTINE (next to F1 Circuit, on the way to LCCT)

2. Check visiting hours (Weekdays morning till 4pm, weekends/public holidays :1000-1300)

3. Check in at the office

Office is situated near the canteen, exchange your ID for a Visitor Pass.

4. 2nd check in will be at the gate near the enterance, leave your name and signature. Go up the stairs to heaven (ok kidding).

5. There are Rumah Anjing (Dog Houses) and Rumah Kucing (Cat Houses). Find your pet there. The gates are open during visiting hours.

6. You may feed and pet your furry friends now. Clean up the room a little if its too dirty. Mine was clean. I shared the shipping with a few others to save the cost and we booked a fully air-conditioned room for the furfriends.

7. Check out, once at the gate and once at the office to collect your ID.

And tadaaa.

That’s it.

The place was very empty so make sure you know exactly where your pet is located or else you’ll be walking around searching for her under the hot sun.

I would strongly recommend the air-conditioned room so your pets wont be too warm and stressed, especially if they’re coming from a cooler climate country.